How does Fimo work?

Fimo tracks your movement and rewards it by validating the steps and calories burnt that are worthy and convert them into Fimos. These Fimos can be spent on buying gadgets, goods, services and experiences from our vendor partners and other users. Every time you burn valid 25.4 calories will earn you 1 Fimo. On technical level, we capture the movement information (we call it “burn cycle”),verify it and then create virtual currency to the amount of calories verified which appears in your wallet.

How to find and invite friends into Fimo?

Adding and inviting your friends into Fimo will help you to build your own leadership and stay active with the people you know. Invite your friends by clicking “ Earn Fimos Now” icon in the home screen and share the message via any messenger app in your mobile. Once they accept your request you will be rewarded with 1 Fimo. Like these you can invite as many friends as you can.

I think my Fimo App is not counting properly. What did I do wrong?

Poor conversion types are widely divided into two types:

  1. The app must be either asleep or inactive and so, it cannot do the verification of your calories.

    To fix this : Do not force quit the app, as it can take your phone several hundred steps to wake the app back.

  2. The app is not getting precise enough data from the phone sensors to do the verification and analysis. The reasons and solutions for this would be as follows:

    1. You need to walk for at least 15 minutes at a stretch without break to make your calories worthy to be converted into Fimos.
    2. You need to make at least 200 steps without break to keep the app working and recognize your walk.
    3. Your phone geo location is not working well. Please install GPS test app and check your smart phones GPS accuracy.
    4. Your phone has a protective case that is blocking the Geo location. Please try to use your phone without the case. If still you find a problem please write to us at support@fitm.in
    5. What is premium membership?

      Premium membership is the elite club for our Fimo users, where they get access to wide range of benefits. Right now its not open yet. We will notify you once it is available.

Which devices support FIMO?

In order to track your movements accurately Fimo uses the advanced abilities of your phone’s sensors – specifically pedometers (accelerometer and gyroscope) as well as GPS sensor.

How do you calculate the number of Fimos I earn by burning my calories?

Fimos are calculated on the conversion rate of 25.4 verified calories that brings you 1 Fimo. Basing on the conversion rate of Fimo in the future this number might change making your sweat more valuable.

How can I spend my Fimos?

Once confirmed and earned, your Fimos will be added to your wallet which is available to you all the time and visible to you in the home screen. The earned Fimos can be used to buy the products available in the FIMO market place.

On what can I spend my Fimos?

In the products page you can find several products, services and experiences that might catch your interest. You can spend your Fimos on those. The offers will be rotating daily so keep an eye on the products of your interest before you lose them. One best way to get the product of your desire is to walk more and earn more Fimos at the earliest and buy the product before you lose it.

Will the app count my steps when it is in the background?

Yes, the app is designed in such a way that it can certainly be able to track your movements when it is running in background. To save your mobile battery, the app turns itself into sleep mode if it doesn’t track any steps from you and wakes up immediately if you start your movement.

Does Fimo cost me anything?

Fimo is completely free to use.

How can I change my personal data?

You can change your personal data anytime by going to the profile page.

What is the case about my personal privacy with Fimo?

We take full measure to protect your privacy with no user data being shared with the third parties. Learn more about this in Terms & conditions/Privacy policies.

I’m a vendor and I want to offer my goods/services in Fimo for its users

Awesome! Please write to us to partners@fitm.in and you will hear from us at the earliest.

How can I contact you?

Please write to us to support@fitm.in